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THE FLOOD - Shadowmark Productions - Book One: Marduk (Marutuk) - Crime scene"Bad taste in your mouth detective? I can help with that."

THE FLOOD - Chapter Two: James - Book One: Marduk (Marutuk) "...this is some biblical shit."

The Flood - Shadowmark Productions - Book One: Marduk (Marutuk) - Chapter Three: James - gunshots

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Book One: Marduk (Marutuk) - "Beware of..." Chapter Three: James - Badge and gun

Thee Flood - Book One: Marduk (Marutuk) - James - B & E & Me #salvationisamyth

Shadowmark - Book One: Marduk (Marutuk) - Devil in the details - James

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Through the looking glass - Book One: Marduk (Marutuk) - James - THE FLOOD

Book One: Marduk (Marutuk) - "Your brother shot my partner..." - Chapter Three: James - Free to Read

The Devil - THE FLOOD ~ a salvation myth - Book One: Marduk (Marutuk)

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THE FLOOD - Book One: Marduk (Marutuk) - James - Demons

Book One: Marduk (Marutuk) - James - "What's that say about you?" - The Shadowmark

Book One: Marduk (Marutuk) - "James, that wasn't necessary." - Pills - Shadowmark Productions

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“Old man Anderson gets eaten by the prodigal son, this is some biblical shit.”

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