The doctor enters, stretches his arms in the manner of one who has recently woken from a nap.

DOCTOR: "Come now, it's not all bad-you get to leave school after all, don't you?"

ORSOLA: "I don't think you are charming or funny. You want to distract me from what you have to say. It won't work.".

His speech is overwhelmed by the sound of blood rushing in Orsola's ears. She closes her eyes--all goes black.

Against the black background of Orsola's perspective, we see an animated scientific image of white blood cells and leukemic blood cells, undulating, balletic.

Orsola shakes her head, and as she does so, her nose begins to bleed.

Antoni puts a hand on her shoulder; he does so to steady himself, and to comfort her.

Orsola responds in a flat tone, but with a confrontational, vicious expression.