Orsola seems to glow as she walks down the hospital halls.

The room is exclusively filled with mothers and their children. As Orsola’s long standing de facto mother figure, he is used to this attention.

"May we sit here?"

His gaze settles on the open notebook of Kid, who is furiously scribbling a series of mushroom clouds.

ANTONI: "I like how free your lines are. A bit bleak though, your subject. Do you have others?"

Kid showily thumbs through the pages. A flipbook effect, showing us mushroom cloud after mushroom cloud, each growing increasing aggressive, angular, phallic.

"That's one thing dying young is good for, I guess-avoiding the family business!"

It's Orsola's turn to see the doctor... anxiety sets in.

Led by the shuffling Attendant, Antoni and Orsola walk down a seemingly endless stretch of hall, the same sickly pale green, studded by a series of closed doors with frosted glass windows.

The desktop is full of carved children's names, some with many more scratch marks than others.