September 8th, 1939 - Antoni Medved exits the University of Warsaw and meets up with his brother Wojtech.

Antoni takes the cards from his brother to inspect them closer.

"You need to stop eavesdropping on my study sessions." WOJCIECH: "You blather about politics and try to kiss Sally Kreplach. How is that studying?" Antoni laughs.

"And anyway, it’s more than theft- it’s sleight of hand, illusion. An enviable skill, really, especially in hard times."

Wojciech clowns around with Antoni as he saunters through the crowded open air market.

Upon purchasing the cigarettes, Antoni finds the odd jester card on the counter beneath the pack..

Confused, he looks out the window to see Wojciech walking to the newsstand across the street. Then, a brief whistling ring.

The windows of the store implode, Antoni is knocked to the ground - shattered.

Antoni stumbles into the bombed-out plaza.

The plaza burns.