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March 2020 Horoscope (Old sign: Hehk-Eht)

March 2020 Horoscope (Old sign: Aries)

March 2020 Horoscope (Old sign: Taurus)

March 2020 Horoscope (Old sign: Gemini)

March 2020 Horoscope (Old sign: Cancer)

March 2020 Horoscope (Old sign: Leo)

Read chapter ten of The Flood, Marutuk

March 2020 Horoscope (Old sign: Virgo)

March 2020 Horoscope (Old sign: Libra)

March 2020 Horoscope (Old sign: Scorpio)

March 2020 Horoscope (Old sign: Sagittarius)

March 2020 Horoscope (Old sign: Capricorn)

March 2020 Horoscope (Old sign: Aquarius)

Kali – Goddess of Time, Change & Destruction (Old sign=Aries) Gawain’s consciousness slams back down into the mossy ground and radiates forth like a lamp lit in that old hollow skull over the mantelpiece. He sips the blood and wine. His form takes that of a hummingbird and in an eyeblink vanishes into the blue to find the flowers and the nectar.

Anat – Goddess of Fertility, Sexual Love, Hunting & War (Old sign=Taurus) Sow, sow the seed in the sow: you’ll have piglets by early June.

Eshu – God of Chaos, Death, Travel & Trickery (Old sign=Gemini) You’ve spent the better part of the month worrying about your demise and the demise of your loved ones. Don’t worry! We are all doomed to die! Instead of worrying, contemplate your end like you would any other fact, like the wetness of water and the warmth of the sun.

Tane’ – God of Forests (Old sign=Cancer) The verdant expanse of the elephant snot moss is as transient as the fires down south. Think of beings we’ll never know consumed in pillars of flame.

Marutuk – God of Judgment, Magic, Vegetation & Waters (Old sign=Leo) What seemed like magic was merely a lack of awareness. An effect without discernible cause. Who was the actor and where was the stage?

Khnum – God of Creations & Waters (Old sign=Virgo) The bones crack open over the fire and release the bubbling marrow. When the bones are cool, you partake of the charred remains. Drink your fill and let the richness run down your face!

Hephaestus God of Labor & Industry (Old sign=Libra) Down in the grotto you go to smoke and drink after a long life’s labor of love. Oil lamps light the way and your lover tenderly renews them daily. How can you ever repay them for their kindness? Who is keeping score? Are they? Are you?

Tyr God of Law & Heroic Glory (Old sign=Scorpio) The case will not give you the letter nor the spirit of the law, yet you march forth anyway to do battle because duty will not abide retreat. But what of the spirit of duty? Does duty allow you to lie prone?

Shang-Ti – God of Sovereignty (Old sign=Sagittarius) Suitors tested your mettle this month. You laid them all low. Orion is back stalking in the sky and Betelguese is still adorning his shoulder. When will the hammer fall? When will the horsehair snap? Remind yourself evening and day that the hour of your death is unknown.

Ganesha – God of Intellect & Wisdom (Old sign=Capricorn) You thought you were doing the right thing but now you worry that you’re playing with fire. What’s your motivation?

Hapi – God of Floods & Fertility (Old sign=Aquarius) Nitrogen phosphorus and potassium, mix these in with your turnings of soil or let the field lie fallow another year. Can you depend on a new year coming? No, you cannot.

Heqet – Goddess of Fertility and Rebirth (Old sign=Pisces) To the tune of “Águas de Março” A bridge, a boat, a walk on the beach. The spray of the sea, opportunity: teach! It’s the tidepool of life, the starfish and the snails, sandy children with pails. Sparkly light on the whales. A bridge a boat a walk in the trees. The rush of the creek, the absence of bees. It’s the forest of life, don’t be idle with pie! Make amends with a slice right before you die! The sixth wall is there under skull scalp and hair. The entertainment is real. Let’s discuss a good deal. A bridge a boat a walk on the beach the waters of March the spray of the sea.