June 2019 Horoscope (Old sign: Gemini) PART 2: At the bottom of the sea, we find a world teeming with life. And to think, I was worried I wouldn’t get used to the crush of briny atmospheres and briny breathing, but we all start in the brine, may as well find our end here. Do like me, try out your best Attenborough imitation and name all the amazing creatures of the deep: “the ethereal snail fish; will o’ slag-toothed starfish; the star-toothed nautilus; the milky sentinel, and the three-lure anglerfish.” The creatures have a jazz band, a big band with a thousand-piece horn section and a gamelan of dead coral and conchs and whale bones, four clownfish guitars and a leatherback on lap steel uke. Do you have the backwards bends yet? I do. A mermaid may give me a kiss, but, don’t let their mother seduce us. You are the responsible party down here, and I’m no longer in control of my actions. To be continued... PS: Concert Review The Big Deep set was a prolific journey of technical sophistication but lacked that fishy factor that would make them excellent. Meanwhile the headliner, L’Acquachords, brought a sperm whale cadaver and threw blubber chunks to the starving fans. When the whale was completely defleshed, they set up under the ribs of the beast and began an orgiastic battle of rhythm and blues. A three-piece: Acquacordion, double bass and drums. That was it, and they shredded harder than any act I had ever seen. Transcendent music at the bottom of the world.

June 2019 Horoscope (Old sign: Cancer) The snow killed some babies and grey- beards. The frost burned your starts. Your tomatoes got in late, and a perfidious baby locked up all your devices. Things have been better. You lost some battles and feel cursed. What to do? Rosaries will be of no use. Prayers are too heavy and won’t ascend from your station, not now. No deus ex-machina is creaking along to intervene on your behalf this month. Grit alone will let you fly or flail. There is no need to risk your future with overreach. Surviving this month is enough.

June 2019 Horoscope (Old sign: Leo) You are bored: that’s why you’re picking the scabs. Don’t you know you ought not expose your scars to direct sunlight? Get some scarves and scar creams. Tackle that project and treat the contactitis with ointment, not lotion. Lotion often has alcohol and will dry you out. Any good dermatologist or serial killer knows that. Bored, bored, bored; dog days in the doldrums afloat on a makeshift bamboo raft somewhere west of the Canaries. You feel disconnected! You ought not allow those scars to keep you from connecting with others on the raft. You’re all stuck here together; and if you have a bad time, it’s your own damn fault!

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June 2019 Horoscope (Old sign: Virgo) You are standing at the rim of the Large Igneous Canyon; you get some wondrous vertigo peering over the edge and step back. A few have taken the plunge of late. Take a deep breath and look to the sky, into a void many googols of times deeper than the canyon at your feet, and you feel serene. It’s only the cognitive dissonance, but there’s no use telling your body.

June 2019 Horoscope (Old sign: Libra) You’re not an ordinary person. You got your name painted on your shirt, but you still aren’t where you want to be in your career. You want your name painted on yoga pants and makeup and thermoses and spermicidal creams. How many products are enough? Your brand is you, baby! You feel the hunger but you risk gorging yourself to death.

June 2019 Horoscope (Old sign: Scorpio) When was the last time you caused someone to weep for joy? It is a rare event and will be a good sign of your progress toward healthy attachment in your relationships. You can bring about deep positive emotions in others around you. Just try being more friendly! For once in your life, tell a joke that isn’t at someone else’s expense, dammit!

June 2019 Horoscope (Old sign: Sagitarius) You travel the Fertile Crescent heading West with the Zagros Mountains looming in the north. You seek inspiration for your civilization. Seeds to plant at home. Ideas for the renovation of hearthstones. That new chariot and breakfast nook you’ve always wanted. What will you need to create a stable state? You need the accountants, scribes, masons and artisans. You need the priests and the burnt brick ziggurat! You need the orgies and harems and harlotry. You need the farmers and canal dredgers. The generals and advisors and viziers. The city walls and sentinels and citadels nesting in citadels. Something is missing. Sweet drams of wine add up quickly, and you are quickly overcome with sleep. A witch is burning dried fruits in your tent. Something is missing. To be continued...

June 2019 Horoscope (Old sign: Capricorn) Back down in the well; the only light that reaches you directly is at noon and the occasional moonnoon. You look at your device. Not much power left. Read a three-minute story! All of the commas are in the wrong place. What to do? Check yourself! Do not allow the commas to enrage you now. Start climbing out of the well. You need to charge your device at all costs. Moonlight feels hot on your face. You may slide back down several times. You may lose power and starve. But the water is sweet, and you may yet survive. To be continued...

June 2019 Horoscope (Old sign: Aquarius) The wheat berries are back and turning yellow-green. You are impatient and want to cut them young and sow another crop. Don’t do it! Your soil is almost tapped and will need to lie fallow unless you can find some good clean dirt. You will never get two yields in one season. Put your heart back into the task at hand. The drudgery will reward you with full stores for next winter.

June 2019 Horoscope (Old sign: Pisces) After the pestilence you need to get out into the fresh air again. No more using your children’s snotty coughs as an excuse to avoid connecting with the world. Most people will take vague pronounce- ments of distant plans as horseshit. Make concrete, short-term plans and follow through! Get to where you’re going excessively early. Bring some light reading or a transistor radio and make note of all the exits. You can always flee, but habituating yourself to the presence of others will do immeasurable good.

June 2019 Horoscope (Old sign: Aries) PART 2: You rest before the solstice holed up in a great estate. Your hosts provide meals of meats and wines; and between meals, the sweet and the savory snacks. Vegetarian buffalo wings may make you reconsider the lives of the chickens you’ve devoured. Eat as much as you dare. Some of your retinue still believe it’s possible that this whole mission is a simulation. In the castle the fire in your bower is raging. Still gets nippy at night. A room of shades and thick blankets and lucid dreams. You hear the terrible scraping deep in the forest: your heart sinks; the Green Knight sharpens his axe. To be continued...

June 2019 Horoscope (Old sign: Tarus) Hot hot hot. Put on Peter Gabriel’s soundtrack to Scorsese's “The Last Temptation of Christ” and make some hot, dirty love. Bring home the wine and roses! Bring home the sun dried fruits of the season. Dip the fruits in rich sauces and feed them to your lover with their consent!

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Mystic Visions by Dr. Ben James

“We are born at a given moment, in a given place,
and like vintage years of wine,
we have the qualities of the year and of the season in which we are born.”
– Carl Gustav Jung