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June 2019 Horoscope (Old sign: Gemini)

June 2019 Horoscope (Old sign: Cancer)

June 2019 Horoscope (Old sign: Leo)

Read Marutuk’s death

June 2019 Horoscope (Old sign: Virgo) width=

June 2019 Horoscope (Old sign: Libra)

June 2019 Horoscope (Old sign: Scorpio)

June 2019 Horoscope (Old sign: Sagitarius)

June 2019 Horoscope (Old sign: Capricorn)

June 2019 Horoscope (Old sign: Aquarius)

June 2019 Horoscope (Old sign: Pisces)

June 2019 Horoscope (Old sign: Aries)

June 2019 Horoscope (Old sign: Taurus)

Eh-Shu (Old sign: Gemini) “Mayday! Mayday!” The plane skips on the water like a skipping stone, but the nose takes a sudden dive into the brine and the craft flips over. Now I’m sinking upside down in my bubble. Water pools in the bubble and then in my helmet. An ethereal snailfish glides by my window. I let the water go in my lungs and I can breathe. I leave my bubble and follow the ethereal trail of the snailfish. Down down down to the Alps of the Sea. Marine mountaintops and smoking mollusks. The snailfish beckons with a come-hither fin. Down down down into deep ocean fjords! To be continued…

Tah-Na (Old sign: Cancer) Walk among the giants this Spring. The youth are clamoring for war. Don’t allow their groping songs to stir you and give their pack a wide berth. It’s only natural after being corralled all winter; the young people want drugs and murder! But, you can take the long way around. There may yet be a war brewing for you, but today you can defer. The youth may have their blood surging; they may shit on the floor and be fussy. Let the lava flow where it may along the path of least resistance and do not interfere. If your anger comes, let it be tomorrow.

Marutuk (Old sign: Leo) What is the meaning of your bellyaching? Have you not seen enough behind the veil to fill lifetimes with rage? Betrayal is among the most bitter victuals, but do all you can to avoid retribution. You paid your bill and thank goodness your gutters can handle the runoff.

Kah-Noom (Old sign: Virgo) There exists no discernible gap in the line of creation. We’ve spoken of it before: the unbroken helix of being. Your attempt to control the becoming of the helix will make you ill. If you persist, your body will tell you with goiters and skin tags, and you may go mad. Sometimes you have a modicum of control over the chemistry; this moon you do not. You are drained. Have you been grinding your teeth or talking in your sleep again? The torpor of your career is making your muscles rigid and withered. Examine the ergonomics of your work station. Try some midday lunges. Hungry? Drink more water and take a nap. We’re all drained but you need more TLC than we do. The bird nest tea will do you no good this time around. But you will find the proper nourishment if you make a genuine effort to seek it.

Hih-Fes-Tuhs (Old sign: Libra) Fruits of your labors hang heavy on the wall. Time to get out there and sell! Sell all the fruits! Spare not one rotten plum for yourself! Have a fire sale if you must, but bring nothing home but profits! Give the last dregs away if you must! All must go! Come back to your dwelling and take heart in the emptiness. Tomorrow you will start your labors anew without any laurels to rest on.

Ter (Old sign: Scorpio) Which injustices will you prosecute this month? You must attend to the magnitude of your moral discomfort and pick your battles. How much is your discomfort about some zealously cherished belief? Might your standards fly for you but not for the others? Find the center around the hearth of shared reality. Do not discuss politics this month. You have been feeding on the hogslop and you need to give your soggy constitution a chance to reset. Let others worry for a bit. The strife and ado will still be there next month.

Shang-Te (Old sign: Sagittarius) The gills of the fish are filling up with stardust. The lungs of lizards too. Jaguars stalk around and collapse with a heavy snuffle. You have a stardust gas mask. Oh the animals! Oh the pleading eyes. Piles of animal cadavers and fishes. You fantasize about being fossilized all together in a cairn of articulated bones. You fantasize about taking off the mask and letting the stardust in. Sell your life more dearly than that!

Gih-Na-Sha (Old sign: Capricorn) Back to the crater! Back to the crucible! Back to the caldera of youth! Back to the tripod of oracular forgery. Back to Nimrod in all its glory. Garden upon garden, trickling of silver streams. Into cellars and let the wine flow. Bow to the poppy, the mushroom and the açaí! It’s okay to decline the kale. Unfetter the beasts down in the dungeon. Hedonism will do you some good this month; but, be mindful: if you do all of the drugs, you can easily nap yourself to death.

Hahp-E (Old sign: Aquarius) The flooding has crested but you want to drive through the high water. Don’t do it! Look, there’s a crane fishing in the road! It’s not worth the shortcut. Drive around the wash out. Don’t endanger a first responder by doing something stupid! There are times when the circumstances warrant a headlong approach. When the beasts are bearing down on you, and you must abandon all heed: whatever happens, go! Through the washout, through the swamp and the forbidden forests. Times to follow Will-o’-the-wisp deep into the fen. This is not one of those times. It is lovely to jump blindly into the void. Abandon all cares and take that leap of faith. Empty the tank and the accounts and go as far as you may! But this is not one of those times.

Hehk-Eht (Old sign: Pisces) You can keep checking with others but it will do you no good. It’s decision time! No one can make it for you, and there are good arguments on all sides. Time to shit or get out of the woods. Consider this: you have been profoundly selfish and driven others in your life nuts with your indefatigable checking. Checking shared reality has its limits, and you will want to make repairs. When you are strong enough to inhibit your parasitical checking, check in with the others and apologize. We can all have sympathy for your plight! Ambiguity is uncomfortable, and you have been over-sensitive to the natural perturbations of the orbits. Slippery, slippery, reality is a slippery fish, and you notice how fishy everything is more so than others. This sensitivity can be your boon or bane. How you decide to live with this perception will shape your next transition.

Kah-Le (Old sign: Aries) The Green Knight rides again this month searching for someone brave enough to play the game. The beheading game. Through distant vales and scrubby heath, you plod along in search of him. The locals are friendly; they know you ride towards your doom or your salvation; hence, they are not happy nor sad but feed you well and give you drink so your body may have the rest it needs. There are only two termini to the journey; you know that now. How your journey ripens over the summer depends on your choices: right or left? Correct or right? To be continued…

Ah-Naht (Old sign: Taurus) Dance around the Maypoles and take a bow for the Green Man! He wants all wombs to be fruitful and all seeds to flourish in the opulent donkey dung.