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Page 1:"Life is a study of loss."|The Flood webcomic|Image of a polluted waterway. A crimson stain snakes it's way to the city.ShadowmarkProductions|Superhero horror


Pages 2-3 THE FLOOD webcomic|Collage|"...this can be overheard, If one knows where to listen. From those unmoored in time, grasping at the vestige of sense memory..."ShadowmarkProductions #Free2Read


Pages 4-5 THE FLOOD webcomic|"...inevitably swept towards certainties..."ShadowmarkProductions #Free2Read

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Page 6-7 THE FLOOD webcomic|St. Elizabeth's medical facility|ShadowmarkProductions


Pages 8-9 THE FLOOD webcomic|Tamsyn attempts|ShadowmarkProductions


The Flood webcomic|Disintegration|Shadowmark Productions®

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THE FLOOD webcomic|Absence|Shadowmark Productions®


THE FLOOD webcomic|Nonbeing|The Shadowmark®


THE FLOOD webcomic|Tamsyn|The Shadowmark®

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The Flood webcomic|Congratulations|Tamsyn is coming home. Tomas drives. Tamsyn dips into her brother's stash."


The Flood webcomic|Pages 17-18|Tamsyn loses everything


The Flood webcomic|Pages 19-20|Tamsyn casts her own transformation magic

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“Life is a study of loss.”

The Flood webcomic
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St. Elizabeth’s Intake Notes: Tamsyn Castillo