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You will believe a god can die.

In reality there are 12 gods who rule over creation, poisoned by ages of exposure to sin.
And now, Mercy – last of the fallen angels – returns with a swansong:
a cell of 7 wounded “heroes” lured into an assassination campaign
by an empty promise to save the dead.

“There is an old story that is still good —
the story of the quest,
the spiritual quest, that is to say,
to find the inward thing that you basically are.
All of these symbols in mythology refer to you — have you been reborn?
Have you died to your animal nature and come to life as a human incarnation?
You are God in your deepest identity.
You are one with the transcendent.”
– Joseph Campbell

THE FLOOD – a salvation myth
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Book Two Coming Soon

Only Here:
Copyright 2004
Created by Michael P. Iannece
Written by Michael P. Iannece and Adam Kaplan
Illustrated by Michael P. Iannece
Edited by Adam Kaplan
Photographic Reference Provided by Johnathan Anderson

For Gina Iannece, my crime partner. No matter how much we get, it’ll never be enough.

Special thanks to David Sesso for all his contributions
Intended for Mature Audiences

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